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We put our best foot forward at Ross Downing Chevrolet

Here at Ross Downing Chevrolet we have only carried one brand – Chevy – and only have one location – Hammond – therefore we can better focus our attention on what our priority is – Our Customers!

We put our best foot forward at the start of our relationship with our customers. We don’t play games or pressure you to buy. We are here to help you make the right decision that fits your needs the best. We want you to buy what you WANT and what you can AFFORD!

We are not like other dealerships. To prove it, we thought we would share some of our customer reviews sent to us via the GM surveys sent out after every purchase !

We invite you to stop by and get to know us!

“Dudley Downing has an exceptional dealership with Ross Downing Chevrolet and he personally assisted me with my purchase. I greatly appreciate him and he won me over. I have been a loyal Toyota buyer since 1984 which is the last time I purchased a Chevrolet Monte Carlo from this dealership. I am sure that the next time I am in the market for a new vehicle I will give Dudley a call. Kudo’s to Barry Beck and Darren Blanchard also.” S.M. owner of a New 2010 Silverado

“Employees were extremely helpful and very eager to assist myself and my husband each and every time that we were at the dealership. I have never had a good experience buying a vehicle prior to this purchase. “ J.D. owner of a New 2010 Camaro

‘I’m a totally satisfied customer of Ross Downing and I will definitely go back and recommend this dealership to my friends. Other dealership should look to them as a model for customer service. No hassle. No pressure. Friendly. The entire atmosphere was relaxing. I’ve had poor experiences in the past at other dealerships but this was excellent from the salesman and the greeter to the finance they were there to help not hassle. Totally pleased. Thank you!!!” D.B. owner of a New 2010 Camaro

“Highly recommend Ross Downing! Best new car purchase I ever made!” – P.Y. owner of a New 2010 Corvette

“Everyone I came in contact with at Ross Downing Chevrolet we’re very pleasant and professional to deal with. I was so pleased with the staff that I went back the next day and purchased another vehicle.” - B.R. owner of a 2010 Traverse and 2010 Silverado

“I exceptionally liked the fact that there was no high pressure sales forced upon us, nor did I witness anyone else being pressured. There was a time that I would rather have had oral surgery without painkillers than to visit a new car showroom. Some are still uncomfortable to me but , I believe most are finding that being up-front and honest with people is more satisfying and just as rewardable. After all, with today’s information available on the Internet, if one does his research, he should know approximately what to expect to pay for a vehicle before arriving at the dealership. I’m certain that dealerships still have some tricks up their sleeves but, as long as the dealership is only trying to make a well deserved profit from selling a good product and service and not trying to retire very well off on one sale then that is American enterprise at it’s best, in my opinion.” R.H owner of a 2010 Traverse

E-Marketing Manager
Ross Downing Chevrolet
Hammond, LA

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