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Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car Editions On Sale Now!

We’ve got a rare combo on sale now here at Ross Downing Chevrolet: a 1978 Chevy Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car Edition, and a 2008 Chevy Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car Edition!

Both are in fantastic condition, super clean inside and out, and have been garage-kept. Click here to see our entire used Corvette lineup, or call us at (888) 242-6209 to request more information on these rare collector’s items!

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2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible Revealed

The new 2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible has been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, and we’ve got the pictures and video to prove it.

Featuring a new fully electronic top that can be operated remotely with the car’s key fob, as well as raised and lowered while driving, the new Stingray Convertible maintains the same LT1 V8-powered performance as its Coupe sibling.

Check out our C7 Corvette page for the full details, and also don’t forget to take a look at our Chevy Corvette Facebook page for a full gallery of photos.

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2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible Confirmed, Coming Soon

“When will the new Corvette Stingray Convertible be released?” has been a question on the minds of many since the debut of the 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray. Well, you won’t have to wait very long to see it, as March 5th will mark the unveiling of the Convertible design.

What will it look like? How will the design fit with the new body lines? How much will it cost? These are questions that will have to wait, for now at least. Once the new Convertible is revealed, we will, of course, have all the details for you.

As always, if you want to be one of the first to order a 2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible, head over to our C7 Waiting List page. You will be notified as soon as ordering officially begins.

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2014 C7 Corvette Stingray Revealed

The day that many of us have been waiting years for is here. The C7 Corvette has been unveiled, as the Stingray name is resurrected to bring us the all-new 2014 Chevy Corvette.

The new design really brings together the best of both worlds – European and American design – and succeeds in taking the Corvette brand into a new age of high-tech horsepower.

CLICK HERE to see our full-coverage C7 page. We’ve got pictures, specs, and everything in between, and will be updating the page constantly within the coming weeks with any new info (including pricing) as soon as it is released.

As always, if you’re interested in becoming one of the first to own a C7 Stingray, click here to visit our C7 Waiting List page and add your name to the list!

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C7 Corvette Emblem And Reveal Date Are Now Official

Chevy Corvette C7 Emblem
The 2014 Chevy Corvette, along with the rest of the C7 generation, now has its official emblem.

The new Chevy Corvette Crossed Flags logo, pictured above, will be the new symbol of the Chevy Corvette brand. It brings with it a sharper, more aggressive design to signify what will surely be a more aggressive style for the 2014 Corvette.

Along with the logo comes the countdown to the big reveal on January 13th, 2013, which you can keep up with at this page. Our C7 Countdown page will keep you up to date on the reveal videos which will be unlocking the closer we get to the official unveiling, including the already-available teaser video. So bookmark us today as we start counting towards a moment we’ve all been looking forward to for so long now.

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2014 Corvette Caravan Ready For Takeoff In South Louisiana

The 2014 Corvette Caravan is gearing up here in South Louisiana. The Baton Rouge Corvette Club is already planning the adventure to Bowling Green as club President Jim McLin and Vice President Bob Huffman stopped by Ross Downing Chevrolet in Hammond, Louisiana to show off their new banner for the event. Even though the event is still nearly a year away, it’s never too early to start planning for such an exciting occasion.

From August 23 through August 27th in 2014, the Baton Rouge Corvette Club members will join others from the Gulf States Region as they make their way to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The event will feature club members and Corvette enthusiasts from all across the country gathering for five days of festivities to celebrate, among other things, the 20th anniversary of the museum.

Ross Downing Chevrolet is the Platinum Level Sponsor of the 2014 Gulf States Region Corvette Caravan. As Louisiana’s #1 Corvette dealer, we will continue to promote the dominance of America’s favorite sports car, the Chevy Corvette. We look forward to an amazing event!

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Study Shows Chevy Corvette Drivers Among Safest

Corvette convertible drivers among the safest, study shows

We all know Chevy Corvette drivers are passionate about their cars. One clear indication of this is how safe they are when it comes to their driving – well, some may call it more “protective” than safe, but you get the idea.

A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has shown that the Chevy Corvette Z06 and Corvette Convertible have the lowest insurance claims in the nation for claims due to physical damage to other vehicle and property. Which basically means that Corvette drivers hit things less often than any other drivers on the road. The figures are adjusted to account for how many of the vehicles are on the roadways, so these numbers aren’t simply because Corvettes are more rare than the average sedan.

This shouldn’t be surprising to Vette owners out there. After all, despite the fact that we’re driving around America’s favorite sports car with tons of horsepower, we still make sure we park our Chevy Corvette far away from any other car in the parking lot. In fact, many of us only take ours out of the garage on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

For all the websites out there that dedicate themselves to posting tons of pictures of wrecked Corvettes, let this new study make it clear that Corvette owners know how to treat their cars better than anyone else on the road. And that means not running into stuff.

You can check out the full study here.

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