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Car service online?

Well, not exactly. But, you can manage the servicing of your car or truck through our Service Online Tool (SOL). You can access the SOL tool by going to and clicking on “Book Your Service Appointment” under the Service tab at the top.

What is the SOL tool?
The Service Online tool allows you, the customer, to schedule a service appointment online 24/7, save the appointment to your Google or Outlook calendar, check the status of your vehicle being repaired, and save your vehicle(s) in a profile to track its progress while being serviced and for future appointment setting.

Getting Started
Getting started with the SOL tool is easy. You simply fill in a few form fields with your info, answer a few questions, select a date, time and service advisor – Voila! You will then receive a confirmation from your service advisor via email that your appointment is set!

Tracking Your Vehicle
Once you bring your vehicle in for the appointment you will be given either a Tag# or RO#. You will use this number to track your vehicle online as it moves through our service process. When you see that your vehicle is “Ready For Pickup” then just come on back and see us!

Benefits of a Profile
By saving your vehicle(s) in a profile you will not only be able to log in and track the progress of your vehicle while it is at our dealership being serviced, but you will also be able to log in at a future date and quickly schedule a service appointment by simply selecting which vehicle you wish to have serviced. Since we already have all the information on that vehicle you will have fewer questions to answer.

Here at Ross Downing Chevrolet we aim to make your experience doing business with us easier. We hope the Service Online Tool is just one way to achieve that goal. If you ever have any suggestions for us we would love to hear them!

Amy Dalton
E-Marketing Manager
Ross Downing Chevrolet
Hammond, LA

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