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C7 Corvette Finally Revealed… Sort of

Spy shots. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re an unavoidable sign of the times we live in. We love them because we get a sneak peak at cars we’ve been waiting years to see. We hate them because we read the headline we’ve waited so long to read, only to be let down by blurry images of a black-and-white checkerboarded monstrocity that is never really what we had hoped to see.

The good news is, there’s no checkerboard cover on these brand new spy shots of the 2014 C7 Corvette. The bad news? It’s using a slightly modified C6 shell for testing purposes. So those of you yelling “Wait a minute, it looks JUST LIKE THE C6! WHAT A RIPOFF!” can breathe easy for the moment. Though unfortunately this still means we have pretty much no idea what the C7 Corvette will look like.

Ok, now that we’ve gotten beyond that initial letdown, let’s take a look at what we actually CAN tell from these pictures. AutoWeek breaks it down:

Looking at these photos, it’s evident the wheelbase of the Corvette will change. The wheels, particularly in front, are clearly off-centered in this C6 body shell being used as a test mule. This indicates a longer wheelbase which could return a more comfortable drive character. The photos also suggest a narrower layout.

In back, there’s a quad exhaust configuration, though intriguingly, the outer two pipes are capped off. That could have a variety of implications.

An added bonus came in the form of confirmation that the highly-divisive Stingray concept as seen in the new Transformers movie will not be the body style of the C7 Corvette. Which is a relief (unless you were among the few who actually liked that particular look).

So here we are again, mostly back to where we started. Still no official body shots, but a few more clues. Will the torture never end? Join the discussion and share your thoughts.

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