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920 HP ETC Top Tuner Corvette hits the streets

ETC Top Tuner Chevrolet Corvette and Cruze revealed in TorontoElite Tuners of Canada (ETC) has, in four short months, transformed a completely stock C6 Corvette into a 920 HP Gold Rush-colored monster. Fully custom inside and out, you can’t help but be impressed by the sheer effort that must have gone into this bad boy.

Producing 920 HP at the wheels and 700 lb-ft torque, you can imagine that this thing flies. But in all honesty, no one will probably ever see it fly because, well, it’s a show car – chances are this thing will never, ever see the track (personally I wouldn’t want a single bug smashed against a paint job this good). Featuring a widebody kit, modified VIS racing hood, and some extra custom work here and there, it’s definitely an eye-catching design and color. And the ridiculously wide rear 21×13 Pirellis mean that this beast is sure to catch the pavement.

The only thing that irks me about this car is the shameless sponsor decals plastered over every inch of it. I know, I know – these things cost money. Lots of money. And companies will pay well to have their company name associated with something as eye-grabbing as this. So I get the fact that it’s a necessary biproduct of building such an expensive showpiece. But it’s still an eyesore compared to a customized Corvette with a nice, clean finish that an individual owner puts their own money into. Overall though, it’s still a dreamcar no doubt. One that I personally wouldn’t mind taking for a spin.

For more photos of this car, click here.


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