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2014 Corvettes Shipped, Delivery Date Set


Our first 2014 Corvette Stingray shipment is on its way! The first round of orders include 11 total C7 Corvettes, including 3 that will be available for sale. If you were one of the 8 who ordered yours through us during the first round, then your Stingray will be here and available for pickup shortly.

For those that have not yet ordered a 2014 Corvette from us, you can do so here. Our 2014 Corvette inventory will soon be available for sale on our new Corvette inventory page, provided we still have some available. If you don’t see any listed in our inventory, don’t worry – we have more on the way, both coupes and convertibles!

To contact our Corvette team, please call us at 888-221-8185.

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