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2009 Final Thoughts

Today, 2009 will come to an end. We were happy to serve every single Corvette owner near and far. We thank you for your business.

The Z06 was still going strong this year and was very difficult for the dealership to keep the inventory stocked! We had customers drive in from as far as Florida and even shipped some vettes to other states! Why so far? Because we offer substantial discounts on all our vettes and our service is top notch.

We plan to continue our great discounts and service going forward into 2010 and hope that you can come along for the ride!

To close out the year here are a few Corvette fun facts!

1953 – First generation (C1) production begins. 300 produced. Base price $3,498. Polo white with red interior and black top is only color combination; Options were interior door handles; “clip in” side curtains were a substitute for roll-up windows.

1963 – Second generation (C2) production begins. 21,513 produced. Base price $4,037. Coupe more expensive than convertible.

1968 – third generation (C3) production begins. 28,566 produced. Base price $4,663. Hydar-matic replaces 2-speed Powerglide as automatic transmission. Introduction of t-top removable panels.

1977 – 49,213 produced. Base price $8,647. Introductino of Corvette flag emblems.

1979 – a whopping 53,807 produced! Base price breaks into 5 digits at $10,220. Highest Corvette sales year to date!

1984 – Fourth generation (C4) begins. 51,547 produced. Hatchback body introduced.

1990 – ZR-1 Introduced. 23,646 produced. Base price $32,479.

1997 – Fifth generation (C5) begins. Only 9,752 produced! Base price $37,495 Hatchback coupe only body style offered.

2005 – Sixth generation (C6) begins. 37,064 produced. Base price $44,245.

2006 – Z06 Debuts! 34,021 produced. Base price $43,800

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