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Greater New Orleans Corvette Club
The Greater New Orleans Corvette Club (GNOCC) is based in New Orleans, Louisiana and serves all the surrounding areas.

The GNOCC was founded way back in 1988, which could explain the C4 flag in their logo!
They are family friendly club of over 100 members consisting of a diverse group of all ages, professions and backgrounds so there is always something fun and interesting going on.

Their events and functions are informal social outings like traveling long winding roads (to eat of course), car shows, racing, and whatever fun things happen to come along. They travel far and wide, meeting many fellow Corvette owners along the way.

Come in and join the fun!
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Greater New Orleans Corvette Club
President: Malcolm Graff

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Baton Rouge Corvette Club
Baton Rouge Corvette Club, Inc is an active social group of Corvette enthusiasts in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. 

If you own or appreciate one, please join us! We hold monthly meetings; dinner, city and event touring; attend car shows, and enjoy many varied social gatherings.  We publish a monthly, professional newsletter (Corvette Connection) for our members.  We sponsor our annual (Labor of Love) car show in April each year, which attracts visitors from many surrounding areas.

We are a Baton Rouge, Louisiana based club of Corvette enthusiasts. We meet twice a month; we attend car shows, benefits and make trips LMC (last minute cruise) to areas of interest. We invite all Corvette enthusiasts and their families to join us and participate in the camaraderie. Anyone with an interest in Corvettes is welcome to join us.
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Baton Rouge Corvette Club, Inc.
President: Mark Jurey

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